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Pregnancy Care FAQs

Why do women choose private care?

You might consider private pregnancy care if: You want continuity of care and to know the person who will look after you during labour and birth. You want to know that a senior consultant will be caring for you. The NHS team is overworked, and you would feel more comfortable knowing that the doctor attending your birth has fewer demands on their time and that antenatal checks would last as long as needed. That you will be seen for your antenatal visits close to your appointment time. You want access to a consultant 24 hours a day. You want to ensure that your care is in a luxurious and calm environment. You have a busy lifestyle and want to have your antenatal care at a time convenient to you.

At what stage of pregnancy can I seek private care?

You can join any time. Bookings can be made from the early stages of pregnancy, or later on for those who prefer to. We offer different packages which reflect that.

How can I book for private pregnancy care at The Harley Street Centre for Women?

Please contact our admin team on 020 7034 8945 / 020 7034 8969 or email admin@hscfw.co.uk to book an appointment with us.

Where will my baby be born?

All of our consultants provide delivery care at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children. The Portland Hospital has an international reputation for clinical excellence and the maternity unit incorporates 5 delivery suites on a dedicated labour ward. The delivery suite also has a birthing pool and operating theatre. There is a consultant anaesthetist on the delivery suite 24 hours a day, providing epidurals and emergency cover. The wards have 30 en-suite bedrooms. The unit benefits additionally from two nurseries that offer assistance and advice in caring for your baby. Experienced medical officers (obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics) are in the hospital 24 hours a day. For unexpected emergencies, the maternity service is also supported by a 24 hour on call theatre team and a neonatal intensive care unit.

How will my baby be born?

It is likely that your baby will be born normally. For women aiming for a normal birth it is generally better to allow labour to happen naturally. However, sometimes induction of labour is indicated, for example if there is a problem with the growth of your baby or you develop high blood pressure, or if you go too far past your due date. We would obviously discuss this with you at the time and explain the need for induction. When you go into labour your consultant will come to meet you at the hospital and check that you and your baby are well. A midwife from the Portland Hospital will be with you at all times, and your consultant will be nearby throughout, checking from time to time that all is well. Your consultant will deliver your baby and deal with any unexpected emergencies, including unexpected Caesarean section.

What if I would like a Caesarean Section birth?

For some women a planned Caesarean Section is the best way to have a baby, for example if your baby is in a breech presentation (bottom first) or you have a low-lying placenta (placenta praevia). During the antenatal period, your consultant will discuss the most appropriate mode of delivery with you. Elective Caesarean Section is normally done between 38 and 39 weeks of pregnancy, in other words, one to two weeks before the due date. On the day of the delivery, you will be admitted to The Portland Hospital or the Fitzrovia Suite at UCLH and the Caesarean will be performed by your consultant. Following the operation, you will be in a Recovery area for up to an hour. You will be then be transferred to your private room on the post-natal ward. You consultant will visit you daily on the post-natal ward and discharge you when you are ready to go home.

Will anyone visit me when I go home with the baby?

A community midwife employed by the NHS will visit you at home. This happens automatically; when you leave the hospital, the midwives on the ward will contact your local community midwives. The visiting midwife will ensure that you and your baby are well and address any concerns or questions you have. Community Midwives in the NHS have many demands on their time, so most women will have an average of 3 short consultations at home. For many women this is adequate; however, if you would like more support in the post-natal period, we can arrange for one of our midwives to visit you. If you would like to know more about our private midwife postnatal support service, please contact the admin team on 020 7034 8945.

What is included in pregnancy care packages?

Pregnancy care packages include regular antenatal consultations with the Obstetrician of your choice, delivery (including all methods of delivery), daily postnatal visits whilst you are in hospital and a postnatal consultation six weeks after delivery.

How will I get in touch with my Obstetrician out of hours?

As part of your pregnancy care package, you will have access to your Obstetrician’s mobile number if you have any urgent concerns. Less urgent queries will be answered promptly via email or text message.

Where will my consultations take place?

All clinics are held at 78 Harley Street.

How much will private pregnancy care and delivery cost?

There are different packages of pregnancy care available. Please contact the admin team who will be happy to advise you about our prices. Remember that the prices we will quote you for your consultant’s fees EXCLUDES the Hospital charges for inpatient stay, theatre and anaesthetist costs, charges for any blood tests and scans during the pregnancy (which are usually paid at the time of the test unless you are covered by an insurance company).

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