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Consultant Led Optimal Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

As well as providing ultrasound scanning at different stages of pregnancy, we also offer a complete scanning package at £1220 ( Twins £1500). This is an optimal screening and pregnancy ultrasound package provided by a Fetal Medicine consultant specialist and includes an early pregnancy scan at 10+ week together with the NIPT ( Harmony Test), Combined Test at 12 -13 weeks including nuchal scan and bloods, full Anatomy scan at 20 -22 weeks and a Growth scan to check the baby is growing well at 32-34 weeks.


Our Vision

The pregnancy and birth of your baby is undoubtedly a time of wide-ranging and intense emotions. It is of utmost importance that you feel safe and have confidence in the care you and your baby receive.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of care and will empower you to make informed choices by providing high quality multi-disciplinary care and medical excellence in calm and sophisticated surroundings.

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Fetal Medicine

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